What is Dartball?

Dartball is a game of darts that is scored like baseball. It bears no resemblance to "pub darts" whatsoever. The darts are thrown underhand at a board that is 20 feet away.

The darts are about six inches long, wooden with a steel tip and three or four feathers. The Lutheran Dart League uses Apex #2 darts made by Apex Manufacturing.

The dartboard is four-foot square, elevated so the bottom edge of the board is 2 feet above the ground. The board is laid out like a baseball diamond, with first, second and third bases, as well as a Home Run where Home Plate would be. There are strikes, balls, fouls, outs and double-plays on the board as well.

As stated above, dartball is scored like baseball. A game consists of 9 innings, with each team batting in an inning until they make three outs. The visiting team always bats first. A dart that lands in the First Base is scored as a single; a dart landing in the Second Base is a double; a dart landing in the Third Base is a triple; and a dart landing in the Home Run is scored as a Home Run.

A batter whose dart lands in the First Base is said to "be on first." The next batters then try to hit the Third Base. If they succeed, they are awarded a triple, which "forces" the runner on first around the bases to score a run.

Like baseball, the idea is to score more runs than your opponent in nine innings.